Programmer's Calculator V2.73 for the Palm OS

Built-in Functions and Pre-Defined Programs

Pre-Defined VariablesDescription
Op1Operand 1 of a two operand function. i.e. Op1+Op2 adds two numbers entered. This assumes that the Immediate Result box is not checked
Op2Returns what's currently on the display
PrevSynonym of Op1
DispSynonym of Op2

Pre-Defined ProgramsDescriptionDefinition
AddAdds two operands Op1+Op2
SubSubtracts Op2 from Op1 Op1-Op2
MulMultiplies Op1 by Op2 Op1*Op2
DivDivides Op1 by Op2 Op1/Op2
ModModulus remainder of Op1 divided by Op2 Op1%Op2
AndBoolean ands Op1 and Op2
Example: \xf0ff&\xff0 = \xf0
OrBoolean ors Op1 and Op2
Example: \xf0ff|\xff0 = \xffff
XorExclusive or Op1 and Op2
Example: \xf0ff^\xff0 = \xff0f
LsftShifts the display over 1 bit to the left (immed)
Example: \xf0ff<<4 = \xf0ff0
RsftShifts the display over 1 bit to the right (immed)
Example: \xf0ff>>4 = \xf0f
LrotRotates the display 1 bit to the left, bit 32 is rotated out of position to bit 1 (immed)
Example: \xf0ff<20 = \x0ff0000f
RrotRotates the display 1 bit over to the right, bit 1 is rotated out of position to bit 32 (immed)
Example: \xf0ff>4 = \xf0000f0f
NegReplaces the display with its two's complement (immed) -Disp
NotReplaces the display with its one's complement (immed) ~Disp

Built-in functionDescription
InpPrompt the user for input, the argument to this function is the prompt. For example: Inp("Enter Number").
returnreturns the result of the program. Unlike "C", you must use the parenthisis otherwise, it works the same. The expression is executed and is used as the result of that program. Ex. return(100+2)
PctComputes the argument 2 percentage of argument 1
CEClear entry, no result returned
ClrClear all, no result returned
SinSine of argument Ex. Sin(45)
CosCosine of argument Ex. Cos(45)
TanTangent of argument Ex. Tan(45)
ASinArc Sine of argument Ex. ASin(.707)
ACosArc Cosine of argument Ex. ACos(.707)
ATanArc Tangent of argument Ex. ATan(1)
SinhHyperbolic Sine of argument Ex. Sinh(45)
CoshHyperbolic Cosine of argument Ex. Cosh(45)
TanhHyperbolic Tangent of argument Ex. Tanh(45)
SqrtSquare root of argument Ex. Sqrt(100)
Powx**y Ex. Pow(2,4)
LogNatural Logorithm of argument Ex. Log(2.718)
Log10Base 10 Logorithm of argument Ex. Log10(100)
ExpExponent e**n Ex. Exp(1)
CbrtCube root of argument Ex. Cbrt(27)